Lariat (rope necklace)

A lariat necklace is traditionally a very long (45-70″/115-180cm) rope necklace without a clasp. It can be worn draped multiple times around the neck; the ends can be crossed over, looped (lasso style), or knotted. If a lariat has a toggle clasp, you can transform it into multi-strand necklace or bracelet combinations. Lariat necklace is a great way to make a unique jewelry statement!

My lariat necklaces are created from thousands of tiny Japanese beads of superior quality. Making a lariat is a real labor of love, requiring several hours of stringing beads followed by even more hours of crocheting. For a lariat necklace of 50″long, it takes about 8 yards of strung beads (~6000 seed beads) and 60 yards of thread to crochet.


Ways to wear a lariat necklace

There are several ways to tie and wear a lariat necklace. It’s like the jewelry equivalent of a scarf as you can treat and wear it in a very similar way. You can choose from a variety of different knots to personalize your look. (Click on the images to see instructions.)

Choker: wrap around your neck a few times and secure the ends with a toggle clasp. This is a great look for a night out.
Once or twice round & ends free: wrap the lariat around your neck and leave the ends hanging free at either side of your neck.  I like to have the ends hanging at different heights to add contrast.  This is an easy casual look to dress up a plain top.

Once or twice round & ends knotted: wrap the lariat around your neck then just tie the ends to create a ‘V’ shape.  You can choose the size of your ‘V’ by adjusting the knot to match the neckline you’re wearing.  This works as well with shirts for the office as it does with a casual ‘V ‘ neck jumper at the weekend.
Long & knotted:  drape the lariat around your neck and take both ends together and tie in a knot at the front.  You can choose the height of your knot depending in the style of your outfit.  If you want it a little shorter just wrap it around your neck once and then knot.

Try wearing two contrasting lariat necklaces together over a plain top – each complements the other. 
Belt:  wear as a belt just wrap around your waist or hips and cross the ends over or tie a knot at the side.  Great to add detail to a plain dress, works particularly well with a maxi dress!  Also looks great on your jeans or trousers in place of a belt, although it’s just for decoration, it won’t hold them up!
Bracelet: just wrap around your wrist lots of times and close a toggle clasp for a casual but extravagantly luxurious way to wear your lariat!

Here is my video ‘How to tie a lariat’