Necklace Lengths to Suit Any Style

This helpful chart will guide you through each length of necklace, where on the neck it should lie and what the ideal use is.  However, bare in mind these are guidelines, your comfort and confidence in wearing the necklace are more important.

Collar – 12-13 inches

  • Lies comfortably on the neck, above the neckbone.
  • Works well with U-necks, boat necks and off neck style necklines.
  • Compliments an evening look.

Choker – 14-16 inches

  • Sits at the neckbone.
  • Perfect for any time of day and occasion.
  • Complements just about anything, but you may want to go to a princess size if you have a wide neck.

Princess – 17-19 inches

  • Sits below the neckbone.
  • Versatile length for both daytime and evening.
  • Compliments a crew neck, high necks and plunging necklines.

Matinee – 20-24 inches

  • Longer than the princess.
  • Excellent for casual and business wear.
  • Compliments a higher neckline.

Opera – 28-34 inches

  • A single dramatic length, or knotted at the neckline.
  • Ideal for classic or casual attire.
  • Goes well with high necks, turtleneck or crew necks.

Rope/Lariat – Over 45 inches

Jewelry Care Tips

If treated with care and love, seed bead and polymer clay jewelry can last for years.

  • Protect them from scratching, extreme temperatures, intense sunlight, water and chemicals.
  • Please remove them before swimming, workouts, doing household chores, or using abrasive cleaners.
  • Apply products such as perfumes or hairspray before wearing your jewelry as certain chemicals in these products may damage it.
  • Clean with a soft dry or damp cloth. Keep metal parts away from moisture.
  • You can restore shine on your item by buffing it with a lint-free cloth.
  • Dry completely before wearing or storing.
  • Store in a box or a soft fabric pouch.
  • Store lariat untied, on a hanger in your closet to avoid deformations.

CAUTION: Polymer clay and bead items are not meant for small children or pets. They are not a toy. Intended for adult fashion and decorative uses only. Do not put items into mouth or ingest.