Meet the Artist

Olga is a scientist-turned-artist. She grew up in Russia and graduated from the highest ranking school in her country – Moscow State University (M.S. in Chemistry). Although Olga has no formal training in art, she’s always been into creating things ever since she can remember, and when her family moved to the USA, she devoted herself to painting and graphic design. Olga has been a freelance graphic designer for seven years working with clients around the world designing logos, brand identities, and advertising materials.

Olga resides in Lousiana, where she spends a lot of time in her home studio, working with different media.  She loves to experiment with a variety of colors, shapes, and techniques. Whether Olga is working with brushes and paints, silk and dyes, polymer clay or seed beads, she creates original designs inspired by nature and all elements of her life. Olga’s works are also influenced by her impressions from traveling and living in many countries including Russia, Germany, Ukraine, France and the United States.

POLGANI comes from a combination of Olga’s last, first and middle names. POLGANI STUDIO was started by her love for making things for her friends and creating unique artwork for her customers.

“It feels great to make someone smile when you give them a one-of-a-kind creation that was made just for them.”